What type of investments are available?

  1. GICS - Guaranteed Investment Certificates

  2. SEGREGATED FUNDS - offering guarantees, bonuses and guarantee income.

  3. RRSPs, GROUP RRSPs - Registered Retirement Savings Plans

  4. RESPs - Registered Education Savings Plans

  5. UNIVERSAL LIFE - offering a wide range of benefits and flexibility in adapting with the future.

  6. TFSA - Tax Free Savings Accounts


What aspects of investment planning can an investment professional assust me with?

  1. Setting Objectives: helping you and your family decide on your investment objectives and ranking them in order of importance

  2. Setting Goals - financial, lifestyle, business, personal

  3. Optimize Tax Situation: consider various alternatives and their tax implications now and in the future

  4. Help you Gauge your Risk Level - help you determine your risk tolerance and select investments within your comfort level both financially and emotionally

  5. Provide Additional Resources - provide access to diverse investment vehicles and comprehensive investment and tax knowledge

  6. Monitoring - periodically review investments to monitor their progress and if they are still meeting your needs, also changing investments during different stages of your life as your needs and goals change