I wanted to thank you for the excellent service and responsiveness that you provided to me during the past month in obtaining additional insurance coverage for me.

I have been purchasing insurance through group insurance programs offered through the Professional Engineering Associations throughout my career. During this period I think this is the first time that I have actually dealt with an agent face to face. Hence I have always found that the experience was impersonal but my rationale was that I was saving money.

This time around I had the dual benefit of excellent and prompt service and a knowledgeable agent who was able to save me a substantial amount of money by reviewing my current coverage and proposing lower cost alternatives.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Henrik Noesgaard, P. Eng. Waterloo


Hi Steve

Thanks for our recent update meeting. Things get busy in our practice, and it helps that your office sets up occasional reviews. It works, without being "in your face".

Michael Coughlin
Lawyer Windsor



"With Ann Wise in your corner, you can't do any better. She is pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and helpful…and has been all those things for me."

Serge Anissimoff
Lawyer London



"Stephen Wise analyzed our insurance needs thoroughly, and objectively.
We were impressed by his ability to find and recommend/explain coverage to
better handle our current needs …at a lower cost than the program offered
through my previous employer. He also structured one of those policies to
give us access to relatively low cost coverage well into retirement.

You might say, he used his knowledge of "the system" to our advantage.

Thanks Stephen!

Randy Schnarr"
Waterloo, On



I have dealt with Stephen Wise for over a dozen years and find that the advice and service was and is professional and timely. For those that have not made the time available to learn about the association benefit program I suggest that the time is worth spending.

Robert Matlack
Lawyer, Windsor



I have been dealing with Mr. Stephen Wise, the authorized representative for the Canadian Bar Insurance Association program for a number of years now. Mr. Wise has used his vast knowledge and experience in the insurance field to provide professional, expert and non-biased assistance for all of the insurance needs of myself and my family. His only concern is to provide the best protection for me and my family, for now and for the future. Clearly, this "Wise" decision benefits my entire family for "life".

Tony Debly
Lawyer, Windsor



My experiences with the Wise Financial Group have been the perfect combination of professional courtesy and confidentiality blended with a "right at home" feeling.

My past experiences with the insurance industry have left me feeling overwhelmed and manipulated into directions I may have not pursued if the salesperson had not been so pushy.

With relief and gratitude, I am able to say that through very in depth meetings with Steve and Laura, I have been able to secure sound insurance coverage for both my family and myself. I have also been able to make very positive changes to both my present and future financial picture.

It is a pleasure dealing with professionals that give you the time to sit and process the information they present to you and further allow you to make the decisions that you feel are right for you.

Tina Kanbar
Legal secretary, London



I have been practicing law in London for over 22 years. For much of that time, I have trusted Stephen Wise to look after my personal and business insurance needs. I have found Stephen to be dedicated, knowledgeable, capable, reliable and persistent. In my view, he is my only recommendation when it comes to insuring lawyers in Ontario.

Jed Chinneck, Lawyer, London