Identity Theft – ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Internet theft via laptop

Have you read that article in the Globe or the Insurance & Investment Journal?  Or been to that seminar, had a newsletter shared by peers or know someone recently affected by this new social plague?  I have, and I’ve had enough.

Ever had someone say something that stuck with you for years?  Well, a client, whom now is a judge and worked with for decades once asked me, when I reached out about a new product, what are you recommending I buy and do you personally own it?  I thought, what a street-smart consumer.
Our agency is well known for its’ uniqueness in the insurance community when working with new products such as Aflac, single pay permanent life, guaranteed issue products, wait list insurance, equity linked GIC, Best Doctors Global Medical Care and more, now, Identity theft protection

After being bombarded with literature coming from all directions I thought it time to educate myself with information and data on the topic of Identity Theft.  That was comforting, NOT.  I located a product that was available exclusively and now I’ll be able to answer that great question from my judge client – YES, I own the product IdAlert and am the first client of our agency to own it.  Working as a risk manager most of my life I can say I am comforted having the protection.

I encourage you to browse the link Horizons Guard for more information and those whom wish to take action can now do so.   Feel free to share this blog and or links as this is the hottest topic today and even trumps America’s story of …..  Donald.

FAQ attachment is a good read.