Have you "ever"?

Man writing on a notepad

Have you "ever" applied for insurance? Silly question, yes but when one does it should be a rule that the clock stops along with a mandatory break in social media. As much as the insurance world tries to simplify things the fact remains - questions are questions and the answers are binding so the old adage still applies, consumer beware. Whether it is a short two page application or a book which most insurers use consumers need to take the time to go over the questions - read them and I suggest not having the questions read to you as you are the one signing the affidavit, sorry application. Guess I've been working with lawyers too long.

Have you "ever", that's in the small print on most applications in some form or another. Here are some common questions asked on many applications:

  1. Have you ever had lower back pain?
  2. Have you ever had any other disorder of the muscles?
  3. Have you ever had anxiety, depression or sleep disorder?
  4. Has any application ever been declined, rated or modified in any way?
  5. In the last 2 years has there been any consultation, treatment, medical prescription or visit to the doctor for any physical condition?

Now can you pick the two questions that appear on some bank insurance applications?

First, lower back, who hasn't had a lower back pain? I believe when I was bring in wood for the fireplace I had a sore lower back so for me I would have to answer yes, like most others.

Have you "ever" pulled a muscle? Again that fire wood gets me so it's a yes for me. For those avid backyard hobby goers this is a common occurrence.

What about the person that goes through a divorce or separation, do they run into some anxiety, depression or sleep problem? Or what about that law student that is having stress over bar adds.

Now we get to the first question found on some bank insurance applications and also on most other applications especially those for disability, health, business overhead and critical illness insurance. It's more common than ever to have an exclusion for back as a result of gardening when it comes to disability insurance and yes many times it may only last for 2 years, reviewed and subsequently taken off but the fact is that there was a modification in the past. Also, critical illness is the most ratable product on the planet so it's easy to get a 25% rating due to family history and for health insurance it's almost unheard of that we get a plan issued without some kind of exclusion. So, this question is a YES for many on most applications.

Lastly, the second question found on a bank insurance application really gets me. I'm not sure anyone can answer NO to this one. Who went to a doctor the last two years because of a flue and required an antibiotic? Who went to a doctor the last two years because of some back pain and then got referred to a chiropractor? Now you are getting it. When applying for any insurance it is important to answer the questions accurately so there is no recourse.

Were you able to pick the two questions that were found on bank insurance applications? If so, congratulations. Now you know why Market Place did a show on this very topic some years back that sickened many consumers.