Wise Financial Group Inc. is an exclusive authorized insurance representative for a number of prestigious professional associations and has been servicing the Southwestern Ontario region for many years.

CBIA / Lawyers

The Canadian Bar Insurance Association offers lawyers, their families and employees a comprehensive range of high quality insurance products, with a unique difference. The products are designed and managed by a board of their peers who have an in-depth personal understanding of your needs.

The CBIA is a not-for-profit corporation working with some of Canada's most respected insurance companies to offer sound, affordable financial protection.

CCPE / Engineers

For decades, Engineers Canada has been sponsoring high-quality, affordable insurance programs to meet the needs of professionals. If you are a member of one of Canada's 12 engineering licensing associations or a member of a participating Geoscientist, Technician, Technologist or Architect association or society and are self-employed, an independent contractor or a small-business employee without benefits, this program is for you. It will help you look after the most important things in life - your health, your family and your income. And it's portable - so your benefits go with you almost anywhere you go!